A Virtual Factory model is an extremely useful tool to help with space planning. We can digitise plants, buildings or spaces and create game-like environments with interactive 3D walk-throughs.

Scanned environments are converted into a range of 3D model formats to which photo-realistic textures and rendering are applied. These models can be uploaded to a game engine platform, to which constraints and scenarios are added to create a realistic game-like environment. Using this technology, a user can freely walk through the space using a VR headset, a mouse or keyboard controls.

We integrate the 3D model with the laser scanned data providing an ‘as built’ context. Buildings and plants are visualised three-dimensionally down to the last detail to perform collision detections and ensure efficient layout planning.  We will train your team in creating new objects and navigation, that way, it will become a simple matter to integrate a new robot into an existing installation or plant. The geometrical data is stored in a 3D database and is then available for future adaptations and alterations of the factory. The database can be updated and expanded any time.

What Can a Virtual Factory Model be Used for?

  • New plant installations.
  • Shop floor reorganisations.
  • Production process simulations.
  • Training.

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