A digital twin is a virtual representation of an asset, building or environment that not only represents the geometry but the interactions, processes and systems that allow it to function. This includes relationships between people, places and devices.

Capturing operational technology data via IoT sensors and the intelligent edge makes it possible to harness multiple real-time data feeds to help gather insight and make evidence-based decisions. Combined with artificial intelligence and digital dashboards, asset managers can now move from reactive operations to predictive and proactive running of complex facilities.

With our partners Amazon Web Services, we bring a pedigree in Industrial IoT applications within the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Front line operational teams can visualise critical data through mixed realty, allowing for more practical data handling, more informed decision making and reducing the barriers to digital adoption.

Industrial IoT (IIoT) with virtual reality digital twin brings machines, cloud computing, analytics, and people together to improve the performance and productivity of industrial processes.

Manufacturers can digitise processes, transform business models, and improve performance and productivity, while decreasing waste.

What Can a Digital Twin be Used for?

  • Predictive quality.
  • Planned and predictive maintenance.
  • Asset condition monitoring.
  • Process optimisation.

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