A Virtual Factory tour is the perfect tool to promote and market your services!

We use the latest 3D scanning and photo imaging technology to create a highly immersive experience that’s just as impactful as being in the actual factory. The end user can easily navigate through the space looking in any direction they like and gain a deep understanding of the environment they are browsing.

How Long Does it Take?
The scanning process is quick, taking roughly a day dependant on the size of your facility, and will not disrupt your shop floor activity.

The scan is then edited and processed and is available to view normally within a week.  The 3D immersive scan is hosted online and can be added to your website or viewed on a desktop computer, tablet and or your mobile. The scan data can also be viewed on a VR headsets such as Oculus or Samsung Gear. We can add and tag key information to the 3D images taking the experience to an even more immersive level. 

What Can a Virtual Factory Tour be Used for?

  • Website and marketing promotions.
  • At exhibitions and client presentations.
  • Health and safety training and inductions.

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