An immersive experience giving delegates access to exclusive learning and coaching from some of the industry’s best change experts and business owners that will share their Industry 4.0 Leadership journey.


  • Gain an understanding as to why Industry 4.0 requires a mindset shift in leadership at every level of the organisation.
  • Learn new skills, tools and techniques to help you develop the mindset to lead your organisation to increased industry 4.0 success.
  • Gain insight and support from leading entrepreneurs and business leaders enabling you to develop your industry 4.0 leadership capability and apply practical ideas to your business

Create innovation in your business by understanding where and how to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies in practice.


  • Understand Industry 4.0, the myths and reality.
  • Understand where you are on your digitisation journey.
  • Understand how and why data is the foundation for Industry 4.0, which critical data to capture and how to use it.
  • Learn from those who have achieved industry 4.0 success.
  • Discover how best to introduce innovative technology into your business.
  • Leave inspired to take action in your business.

Pre-work for this day

Using Value Chain’s IQapture Diagnostics, delegates complete a short pre-session questionnaire (in conjunction with their Business Leader) to help determine the level of maturity of Industry 4.0 in their business (understanding of terminology, foundations in place, current use of technologies) areas that they believe hamper their productivity, what they expect to achieve from the programme.


Industry 4.0 is reshaping customer expectations and changing the face of customer relationships. Customers now expect you to understand them and their requirements better.  And to compete in today’s connected and ‘always on’ environment, manufacturers must be able meet customer demand 24/7. For small and medium sized manufacturers, industry 4.0 technology now provides you with new business opportunities, flexibility  improved customer experiences as well as lower production costs. And can give your business access to the same tools that have previously only been accessible to large enterprises. 


  • Understand the new landscape of customer expectations in today’s industry 4.0 environment.
  • Discover how you can use data and technologies to understand your customers’ needs and expectations and drive better/more informed product development and customer experiences.
  • Gain insight and support from leading experts, entrepreneurs and business leaders enabling you to understand how you can leverage Industry 4.0 technology to re-imagine operating a smarter, faster and more customer oriented business.
  • Understand how you can raise the bar through transforming leadership.
  • Gain some rapid coaching techniques to apply to yourself as a leader in this context.


A practical day where senior technical staff from across all sectors and professions can understand how and where to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies in practice. 


Delegates are required to bring an example of a current manufacturing process in the business to the session which will be used in the afternoon session.


  • Find the hidden productivity, value and profitability gains in your business and manufacturing processes.
  • Clearly identify where you can adopt Industry 4.0 technologies to achieve these gains.
  • Learn from those who have achieved success in doing so.















Post session and pre-work for Disruptive Innovation day 3.

Delegates prepare their own process map of a typical manufacturing process in their business and bring this along to the next Disruptive Innovation Day.

In readiness for the final Disruptive Innovation session which explores the Commercial Innovation project that delegates will undertake, delegates will need to think about the scope, objectives and outcomes for their project. 


One of the most significant impacts of industry 4.0 is on the people, skills and talent required to thrive and succeed. This will require a new breed of skills and the ability for your workforce to embrace, adapt and change.  This immersive day tackles these issues and gives you some practical strategies you can take back to your organisation plus the opportunity to hear from industry leaders about what and how they’ve been nurturing and developing talent and managing the changes in their organisations so that they get their employees’ buy-in.


  • Understand the implications that Industry 4.0 has on your workforce, the new skills you’ll need and how to prepare.
  • Gain insight into strategies which will help you engage your workforce, overcome resistance and manage change.
  • Learn from those who have redefined their employment base and reaped the rewards.
  • Discover new ways to recruit, develop and nurture a pipeline line of future talent capable of maximising industry 4.0.
  • Develop your employment strategy to deliver the results your organisation needs.


A practical day where senior technical staff from across all sectors and professions will focus on identifying and defining a commercial innovation project for their business.


  • Identifying and defining a commercial innovation project for your business and preparing you to pitch your project with confidence.
  • Understanding the importance of digital and cyber security and safety in context.
  • Helping you to commercialise your project and identify available support in the areas of R&D relief, investment capital and legal advice.

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