The aim of the Digital Entrepreneurs and Video Artists (DEVA) Hack is to create an employability resource for young people designed to support them develop and articulate their professional career identity.

By engaging in the process of creating a video portfolio, learners will gain knowledge and understanding of soft skills, awareness and insight into job readiness and develop their confidence and motivation to pursue digital and creative careers.

Hackathons are a perfect opportunity to gather a diverse community with different talents and work toward the solution of self-empowerment, entrepreneurial thinking and practical knowledge that will help in areas of employment, further education and personal growth.

DEVA Hack offers an amazing range of activities for all of our attendees. From exploratory free time to planned programming, our staff are always there to ensure it’s a fun and safe experience for all.

Our Approach

• Network of Digital Entrepreneurs and Video Artists working as mentors.

• 3-day hackathon with Year 12 /13 college and sixth form students.

• 40 students per hack and they work in groups of 10 with their mentors.

• Aligned to Gatsby Careers Benchmarks and mapped to AQA curriculum for Media Studies.

• Produce a personal video portfolio entirely from a smartphone.

• Workshops in personal brand, digital tech, scripting, lighting, sound, editing and production.

• Day 3 spent at a University Media Arts Campus, induction to faculty and degrees.

Our Outcomes

• Each student produces a video portfolio, working as a team over the 3 days.

• Awards from each mentor and an overall DEVA/hack winner.

• Winners return to next DEVA/hack as ambassadors and further develop their skills.

• 4 DEVA/hacks over the year with students from across Greater Manchester.

• Careers ‘Red Carpet’ event at the end of the year at Media City. • Employers view screening of DEVA alumni videos to select for interview.

• DEVA alumni secure placements with industry and employers.

Partners and Sponsors

Helping to develop the future workforce is a great investment for any organisation!

As the needs of the workplace evolve, it’s vital we ensure that the students of today are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the work of the future.

We fully appreciate what our partners and sponsors bring to the table. If you’re interested in becoming a partner or sponsor then please get in touch and we can figure out the best way you or your organisation can help.

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