in4.0 factory network


The IN4.0 Factory Network is a new initiative that brings together technical and production personnel from manufacturing backgrounds, to accelerate the practical application of industrial digital technologies through developing a peer to peer network, facilitating open source learning and sharing best practices.

By attending one of our Factory Network events or becoming a member of our online community, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with industry experts, business leaders and IN4.0 Fellows. They’ll advise you on how to best introduce industry 4.0 technology into your business, discuss their own experiences and explain the benefits of embracing digital transformation.

Shortly we’ll launch the IN4.0 Factory Network online platform, a medium through which we’ll connect members with each other and deliver open source learning.

Members will have exclusive access to:

  • Technical learning resources including videos, blogs, webinars and thought leadership articles.
  • Peer-to-peer networking and discussion forums.
  • Access to hands-on innovation sessions where senior technical staff from across all sectors and professions can experience industry 4.0 technology.
  • Accredited CPD learning.


The IN4.0 Factory Network is underpinned by a cohort of skilled and professional Fellows.

Our Fellows are experts in their respective industries and they are advocates for Industrial Digital Technologies. They’ve been carefully selected due to their commitment to making a positive change and their pedigree in leadership and technology innovation and adoption.

Not only are they passionate about talent development and education, they’re also willing and able to work collaboratively and share good practice with our members.

IN4.0 Factory Network members will have the opportunity to connect with our Fellows, both through our online portal and at networking events, and reap the benefits of their many years of industry experience.