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Industry 4.0 Talent Acquisition


Industry 4.0 is the game-changing technology that’s transforming manufacturing, but a shortage of workers with the right digital skills and experience is proving a challenge for employers who want to innovate.

Highly skilled technology postgraduates have the know-how, but their lack of industrial or commercial experience often means they aren’t yet work-ready. Employers, on the other hand, need staff who can hit the ground running.

IN4.0 TALENT bridges the gap between industry and education, creating exciting new opportunities for both employers and students and growing a digital workforce that is fit for the future.

There is currently no compulsory, formal process for allowing Master’s degree students to gain experience in the workplace, but IN4.0 is changing all that by recruiting graduates from a range of technology disciplines as salaried Associates via our talent acquisition programme.


We give them real-world experience of running a business and then place them in industry to help deliver live commercial projects. Whilst working for TALENT, our Associates will also undertake a professional development scheme, developing critical employability and business support skills.

TALENT signs up cohorts of up to 10 postgraduates per business unit, from North West universities on fixed term contracts ranging from six to 18 months.

Industry 4.0 Training Programmes North West

Our Associates are placed into one of IN4.0’s three North West hubs at Preston, Salford and Liverpool, to run them as business units. There, they learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills and gain experience in everything from brand development and digital marketing to pitching to prospective clients.  

TALENT Associates support IN4.0 clients with digital technology adoption and training along with tackling R&D innovation challenges. They may also work as Technical Teaching Assistants to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and cyber education in schools and colleges. Our Associates also support our ACCESS accelerator clients to scope innovation projects and support them in successfully delivering them.


Employers get to know the graduate and vice versa without any commitment on either side and at the end of the project they have the opportunity to employ them full-time.

TALENT is a rolling programme which aims to see the majority our Associates going into full-time employment or launching their own business at the end of their contracts, having first recruited and trained the next cohort of post-graduates to take their place. Some of our Associates could progress to becoming Senior Consultants for IN4.0 to support the scaling and expansion of our services.

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