IN4.0 Access

Just as it is changing the way we live our lives, it has the power to revolutionise the way we do business, enabling organisations to increase productivity, tap into new markets and boost profitability.

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IN4.0 Education is a Community Interest Company, with aspirations emanating from a desire to creatively disrupt the developing skills agenda. We aim to take your knowledge beyond the confines of STEM classification, ensuring it keeps a pace with digital and technological innovations and industry 4.0 processes.

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Disruptive Innovation

Our disruptive innovation consultancy services provide tailored business support to companies of any size who want to adopt industrial 4.0 technologies.

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IN4.0 Factory Network

The IN4.0 Factory Network is a new initiative that brings together technical and production personnel from manufacturing backgrounds to accelerate the practical application of industrial digital technologies. This is done through developing a peer to peer network, facilitating open source learning and sharing best practices.

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