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Harness the Power of your Data – Our 4 Step Approach:

Use Case Development

The amount of data to be stored and processed is growing every day. Therefore, today’s manufacturing companies need to find new solutions and use cases for this data. Of course, data brings its benefits to manufacturing companies as it allows to automate largescale processes and speed up execution time. Data & Cloud is said to change the manufacturing industry dramatically.

With our partners Amazon Web Services we have a developed library of use cases in manufacturing that have already become common and brought benefits to manufacturers. As part of this process we will help you develop the use cases in accordance to your business priorities.

The first step is to define your use case. Below are a few examples:

Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Payment, Insurance and Connected Commerce

Device Fleet Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Safeguard Manufacturing Systems

Connected Buildings and City Systems

Wellness and Health Solutions

Productivity and Process Optimisation

Fast Track Prototyping and Proof of Concept

To prove the project can be executed a smaller scope quick win will be agreed on. This will enable users to get fast results before committing fully to a large scale project.


We will support across an increased scope, deploy further IoT applications and Machine Learning independence. Develop additional functionality, process automation and modifications to the machine learning (ML) algorithms. At the end of this phase the applications will be fully functional. Showing tangible evidence of business benefits.

We will help you build the infrastructure for digitalising the analogue and measuring information from every process step of manufacturing, providing an overall picture of the enterprise moving into a digital twin of your operations.

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