SC21 – Supply Chain for the 21st Century

SC21- Improving Business Processes & Organisational Capabilities

Increasing Competitiveness and Improved Organisational Capability

IN4.0 Group are proud to have been awarded the status of Approved Training Provider to SC21, the UK Government’s investment into future-proofing the UK’s Aerospace and Automotive supply chains. The SC21 Competitiveness & Growth (C&G) programme is the intermediate step on the Aerospace and Defence Supply Chain Improvement Ladder. It is specifically designed to focus on increasing competitiveness and improving organisational capability in the eyes of the customer.

At IN4.0, we understand that transforming businesses, increasing competitiveness and improving organisational capability is dependent on a number of factors:

  • Excellent, lean and efficient processes
  • Superior technical knowledge
  • Inspirational leadership and management.

When these factors synergise it paves the way for disruptive, innovative transformation to take place.

Our SC21 training modules are designed to help you optimise your delivery processes and your business culture so that your company can take things to the next level. IN4.0’s experienced training team comprises of best in class transformational leadership experts.

These are in the field of advanced digital technologies such as Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and industry experts in the areas of process mapping, supply chain and innovation.

This allows us to combine cutting edge digital learning and teaching approaches with industry 4.0 technical expertise to create learning experiences that are not only engaging and inspirational, but are the catalyst for real, sustainable improvement and accelerated competitiveness.

To provide a view of what the business layout will need to be in 5 years time based on the current business strategy. This allows for the most efficient and flexible routes through both the manufacturing and back-office processes.

To build a roadmap that can be articulated to customers and other stakeholders that defines where the business will head in the future around technologies. Whether this be through extensions of existing plans or entirely new technologies, we can look at what can be done with current technology to make gains today.

This module will train, innovate and develop the key elements that drive innovation excellence in an organisation setting – mind-set and attitude. The training module also provides insights into disruptive leadership practices and the method to drive for innovation – as a leader and as a team – in product, process, people and culture.

To enable senior managers to understand the variety of styles and methods of managing teams. During this detailed training course you will learn how to get the best out of your staff, know how to apply techniques and tools that enable greater empowerment and relationship styles.

To develop an integrated, common approach to running a regular structured productive management review on a defined frequency that measures. In doing so you'll learn how to  evaluate and respond to challenges in the business whilst driving for the business strategic goals.

This module will develop processes to extract the key information that is often held in people rather than processes, aiding you to build tools to maintain and share processes across the business.

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